4508 - Black Washed Wool Long Full Circle Cloak

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With its deep burgundy velvet hood lining, this black, 100% wool, washable cloak can keep you warm in the cooler parts of the year - winter and mild winter.  Washing has somewhat softened the wool from its otherwise authentic feel, but the velvet hood lining will be soft on your neck and cheeks.

Back - 55"
Neck - 22"

- Winter
- Mild Winter

100% Wool
Machine Wash Cool, Delicate Cycle
Press with Warm Iron to Shape

WE CAN SHORTEN ANY LONG CLOAK or ROBE free of charge.  Drastic shortening may affect whether a cloak can be returned for full value. Cloaks longer than 48” are stored unhemmed, which is why we can offer free hemming and shortening, and why they may appear unfinished or uneven in our photos. Cloak fabric usually stretches over time, so waiting to put on the final hem allows us to even it off again before finishing and sending the cloak.

We can also change clasps or add trim for an additional cost. Please call or email to check on cost and time needed for these alterations

All of our clothing items are one of a kind items and are subject to prior sale. We make every effort to remove items from the web as they are sold.  Occasionally sales may happen in person and on the web or something may get overlooked. If this happens we will either duplicate the item, substitute with another item of your choosing or give you a full refund.

Cloaks ordered before 3 pm Eastern Time can usually be shipped on the next business day, but this is not guaranteed. If time is a factor, please contact us for shipping concerns. We will quote and ship via Express Mail or other premium service if requested.


NOTE: Please remember that colors you see on the screen are not reliable. Even when we managed to get the digital colors to match the real world colors on our computer (sometimes we couldn't) that's no guarantee that they will look the same on your monitor. When in doubt about the color, trust our descriptions first - if still in doubt, ask.

Sizing: To fit properly, the neck measurement of the cloak should be a minimum of  5" larger than the measurement of your neck. Neck size is the first number on a man's dress shirt size or you can measure. To find your correct neck measurement, hold the tape flat against your neck where it can be vertical or standing on edge, with 1 finger inside the tape measure to hold it in place while you get the number. If you don't have a tape measure, you can also measure with a string or a long strip of paper, then compare the string to a ruler.

For Length: The cloaks are measured from the back of the neck to the hem, so as a quick approximation of the maximum length you should wear, take your height in inches, subtract 12 for your head and neck, and 4 more for the minimum distance off the floor. So for someone 5'10", you start with 70", subtract 12" to get 58", and then 4" more to get 54" as maximum length, and 52" as a more practical length.

SEASONS: How warm or cold you run varies with the person, but we give seasons as a general guideline since most customers can't visit to try things on for themselves. The most appropriate season is listed first, so a cloak with "Winter" listed as the first season would not be a good choice for an indoor or summer event. When we say winter, we're talking about a cloak that is decently warm at 20 to 39 degrees Farhenheit and winds of 20 -25 MPH with light layers underneath - average New England winter. If it says just "Winter", it is a very warm garment not really suitable at temperatures above 49F. “Mild Winter” is often a cloak with less wind resistance and a bit thinner fabric which might be good at 30 to 49F and 10 to 15 MPH wind. We consider Fall and Spring to be 40 to 65F, with Summer as 60F and above for temperature, roughly the same as indoors.


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